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: 08/01/2008

:     20, 2008 8:29 am

The absent party is not faulty >>>>

Actions speak louder than words>>>>

Add fuel to the fire>>>>

Address people in the language they can understand>>>>

Advice is ever in want>>>>

After black clouds, clear weather>>>>

Always has been, always will be>>>>

After great effort, he explained that water is water>>>>

Birds of feather flock together>>>>

A chip of the old block>>>>

Charity begins at home>>>>

Do as you would be done>>>>

Cut your coat according to your cloth>>>> ߡ

Conciliation is the matter of the law>>>>

A creaking gate hangs long>>>>

Do good and cast it into the sea>>>>

Easy come, easy go>>>> ɡ

The end justifies the means>>>>

Every tide has its ebb>>>>

It is the end that counts>>>>

To err is human>>>>

Every cloud has a silver lining>>>>

Dont put your head in the lions mouth>>>>

A friend in need is a friend indeed>>>>

A flash in the pan>>>>

No gains without pains>>>>

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